• Bloom Into You and Get Your Groove Back

    Bloom into You is an Ayurvedic journey of self-discovery, healing, self-care of coming back to yourself. You might have suffered from overwhelm or burnout due to some major life changes and you're ready to get your groove back — this time stronger and more fierce with new tools to over come challenges. I know, I get it. I lost my way once and on the way to finding it, I realized it was always there — uniquely me. Through the pain and hardships, my gifts were revealed. I'm here to share them with you today in this unique program.

  • How Bloom Works

    Bloom into You is a 5-month sacred journey allowing you the time to discover, process and systematically implement your Ayurvedic practices from Winter to Spring. This is a foundational life building and expanding group program for the woman who wants to empower her life back, find her rhythm and bloom into the elegant flower you are.


    Here is What You Get

    - (3) 1-hour group coaching calls per month that focus on seeding your dreams, busting beliefs, re-pattern subconscious mind and learn sustainable self and health-care practices; One week for integration

    - 90-min Private Comprehensive Health & Wellness Consultation at sign up

    - Herbal blends and aromatic medicine recommendations or made-for-you blends

    - Nutritional guidance for your unique metabolic/body type

    - Protocols for detoxification, purification and rejuvenation — the heart of Ayurveda

    - (1) Welcome self-care kit from the Apothecary, plus spice blend

    - (3) 15-minute private nurture calls with Maria

    - Activating your Goddess Soul Types (BONUS-PRICELESS)

    - Free Cleanse Guide and ebook for Spring Cleansing

    Bloom is For the Mission-Driven Woman

    - who wants to learn and apply sacred self-care practices

    - who is ready to clear out the mind/body clutter and live healthier with vitality

    - who desires a more sustainable way to carry on her mission, without the burnout and depletion of her health

    - who would like to connect to her true nature and gifts

    - ready to heal her past and transform her pain into purpose

    - ready to weed out old beliefs preventing her from showing up more powerfully in her life

    - who desires to move the energy blocks creating stagnation in her life

    - who is ready to ignite her fire and let her actions be guided by her intuition

    - who would like to cultivate new habits, create health and resiliency in her life through Ayurvedic practices

    - who would like to blossom in the next season of her life

    When does Bloom Start?

    Bloom into You starts January and ends May.


    Registration is now closed for the year and will re-open Fall 2017. If you'd like to be added to the list to reserve your spot, contact Maria with title "Bloom 2018"


    Bloom is Virtual so you can join us virtually from anywhere in the world.


    Full pay: $2,997

    or installments: $700 deposit and $459/month

  • About Ayurveda

    Ayurveda is a system that approaches an individual as a microcosm considering all aspects of their being such as their diet, lifestyle, relationships, metal health, spirituality, and environment and assessing its influence on quality of life and happiness.


    Heal your self, heal the world.

  • Praise

    Soul of Beauty, Detox and Ayurvedic Treatments

    "Maria has a way of getting down deep into your soul and stoke the fire so you can grow."

    - Syndi Sauter, CA

    Soul Life Coaching

    "Maria is a special and unique person perfect for her chosen line of work. It takes someone very special to open their heart to a suffering person. I respect her very much for what she does and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her for the 12 weeks. Coaching with her is life changing and heart opening."


    - Julia Dyer, CA

    Rasayana Retreat Santa Barbara, CA

    "Maria is a true healer."

    -Shelley Capozzi, PA

    Soul of Beauty Coaching and Treatments

    "Sama has a wonderful feeling which definitely comes directly from Maria. She has intuitive healing abilities in abundance as she is a generous and compassionate coach. She has an old soul and makes the material relatable to our modern life. She does more than teach, she imparts wisdom and uses intuition to help me reach my soul’s purpose. And we have lots of laughs along the way."


    - Angela Russell, CA

    Ayurvedic Treatments and consultation

    "The first word that comes to mind is authentic. Maria is a wealth of wisdom and love."

    -Suzette Kormos, CA


    Beautiful You Life Coaching

    "Over the past six months that Maria has worked with me, I have witnessed huge shifts in myself. I have been a seeker of healing most of my adult life, and Maria has steadfastly pointed me in a direction of openness and opportunity. Through her guidance, daily schedules, and gentle but firm direction, I am overcoming inner blocks that previously did not budge.


    When I started the coaching, I wanted clarity around my purpose in life. I received not only the ability to follow my dreams, but also the enormous gift of making decisions based in self-love, rather than in fear. Maria’s compassion, insight and dedication are testimonials to the truly transformative work she does.”


    - Anna Lubin, CA


    Feminine Soul Type Reading

    "Maria's wise, loving, and lighthearted presence was enough to awaken my own, and to make me excited about coming out of hiding. I recommend Maria to anyone who is seeking to put their heart first, to those on the leading edge desiring full alignment with their authentic self."

    - Andi Starr Singer-songwriter/Producer/Musician